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Looking Back On 2022 And Into 2023

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

The Holiday Season is fast approaching and before we finish up for the year we would like to thank you, our customers and suppliers, for your continued support throughout 2022, and to extend our warmest wishes for a safe and enjoyable holiday season. However, before we jump into 2023, lets look back on the most memorable moments throughout 2022 and what we achieved in this past year together. We have once again enjoyed having you visit us onsite again now that Covid-19 restrictions have eased and for you to see the multiple upgrades we have made to the factory. This includes the 3 new machines we purchased for our factory to ensure your products are manufactured at the highest quality, and with the short turn-around time. These machines include 2 new Press Brakes and our new Fibre Optic Laser. In addition, we have now also replaced our entire 9000sqm factory roof which was damaged earlier in the year during a bad storm. Not only were we able to continue manufacturing during the replacement, but we also took advantage of the situation and had our solar panels checked and cleaned to ensure they are operating at maximum capacity - making sure we do our bit for the environment! We have seen some unique projects making their way through our factory from concept to prototype and production, especially in emerging technology fields such as the Electric Vehicle and UV-C Sanitation markets. This is a really exciting time for us, and we can't wait to share these projects with you once they are fully launched. Interestingly enough the below table shows the industry types we serviced throughout the year, and the percentage of manufacturing work per industry. This data changes on a yearly basis and we have seen a big lean this year towards the Shop Fitting and Automotive industries.


Now looking ahead, 2023 is shaping up to be an exciting year for All Metal Products with many plans underway. We will be attending several Trade and Industry Exhibitions throughout the year that cover an array of industries, some that we have been in for many years, and other industries that are new to us. The New Year will see us introduce further flexible working arrangements for staff; with our our factory working hours changing. The factory will be open from 6am - 4pm Monday - Thursday, and closed on Fridays. This change in hours is only for the factory, and our Sales and Administration Teams will still be available on Fridays as normal to help with your queries. We will also see a return of our School Industry Partnership, where we host a young student from a local High School for a week to gain experience in Metal Manufacturing. The students that participate in the work experience are generally from Year 10, and it gives them an indication of what they could expect of a career in Metalwork. This partnership allows us to the opportunity to inspire young people about our industry and the education and training pathways available to them after school.

A reminder that our office and factory will be closed over the Christmas and New Years period from Thursday 22nd December 2022 to Monday 9th January 2023. This shut down period will not only serve as time off for our team but we will also be undertaking our annual maintenance of machinery throughout the factory.

Should you wish to contact us during this time, please email us and we will get back to you upon our return.

Merry Christmas and Kind Regards,

The All Metal Products Team

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