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Manufacturing Factory Western Sydney
Metal Manufacturing Environmental Plan

Six-Step Environmental Plan

Sustainability has become an important issue in the metal manufacturing and fabricating world in recent decades, as consumers, investors, and regulators are increasingly encouraging companies to take responsibility for their impact on the environment and society.  Changing manufacturing processes with this in mind is easier said than done. 


All Metal Products uses a six-step environmental impact plan to guide its decision making and behaviour:

  1. Develop the sustainability Baseline and what we have ‘NOW’ 

  2. Develop Environmental and Sustainability policies

  3. Implement policies and reporting framework

  4. Gain Internal Engagement

  5. Supply Chain / Stake holder engagement and Communication

  6. Monitor and Continual Improvement

We also engage in time-saving and energy saving practices, for example, If we run a production cycle faster, we can have more time to shut down and save power.  Our powder coating line isn’t run every day as we group orders together (where possible). All Metal Products  powder coating facility uses state of the art powder collection, automation and recycling technology, minimising any pollution. This ensures all acids and solvents used are minimised in production. Furthermore, our cooling water for our welding transformers is managed with an internal recycled water system to minimise water use.

Additionally we also use separate recycling bins for scrap metal, use recycled transport pallets where possible, and have our office and factory set up with energy-efficient lighting. Our 100 kilowatt solar panel system that is attached to the factory roof is regularly cleaning and maintained to ensure optimal usage.

We work with start-ups, established small business, government departments and multinationals to deliver excellent products in a sustainable and timely manner - with a focus on sharing our experience, acting ethically and value adding in production.

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