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Benefits of Using a Metal Fabricator with an In-House Powder Coating Line

Powder Coating All Metal Products
Powder Coating All Metal Products

There are many benefits of working with a metal fabrication company with end-to-end manufacturing capabilities including an in-house powder coating system. Some of these benefits include:

  • Cost savings

  • Quality control

  • Reduction of waste / potential rework

  • Efficiency

  • Quality Service

Cost Savings

When companies have an inhouse powder coating line, it means that they can give a precise quote, without any additional mark ups from outsourcing the work to other suppliers. It also means that you won't have to pay for transporting your manufactured product to an external powder coater, and back again. Keeping the product in house also means the manufacture has complete control over the project and understands what the full project entails.

Quality Control

Every company has their own standard of quality control, so when using a third party powder coating service, you may be crossing your fingers that their services have the same high level of quality control that your manufacturing business does. What a risk!

With metal in particular, there can be surface imperfections so having a well trained team that not only powder coats day in day out but are also specifically trained to identify any flaws or issues prior to painting means they can be addressed straight away. If these imperfections or marks are missed by a third party and not checked correctly, then it could mean problems with the finished painted product, and extend the lead time dramatically.

Reduction of Waste and Potential Rework

Having to transport products back and forth to a third party, means there is always a risk of the product being damaged. During transport the products could easily rub up against each other potentially causing scratches or marks. If these scratches or marks are not picked up before being painted, then it would negatively effect the lead time on your products delivery and ultimately, add to the cost of fabrication due to rework and wasted parts.


Having to send products to an external powder coating supplier lengthens lead times dramatically, sometimes by weeks! Obviously this would depend on how long freight would take, but an a manufacturer with in house powder coating services, can sometimes have a product painted in as little as a day!

Quality Service

When a manufacturer has an inhouse powder coating line, it means that the team that started the project can manage it from beginning to end, and quite literally keep an eye on it throughout the factory. A turn key manufacturer is able to give timely updates and finish projects quicker, so its no surprise that having an in house powder coating line makes all the difference.

Within our 9000sqm factory in St Marys we have our very own powder coating line, and a dedicated team who run the line. Did you know that we also offer contract powder coating, so you can bring your ready made product to us to have coated. You can contact us anytime for a powder coating quote using the email

Powder Coating All Metal Products
Powder Coating All Metal Products

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