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The Crucial role of 3D CAD Models in Metal Fabrication

In our factory, precision is our compass, and that's precisely why we insist on having 3D CAD models from our pre-production and design team prior to the fabrication process for each customers project. While we acknowledge that not all Requests for Quotation (RFQs) grace us with a CAD model, we're here to highlight why, All Metal Products either requests or invests time in producing a 3D model for manufacturing before commencing production on your project.

The Limitations of 2D Prints

The 2D print, though a good starting point, often leaves gaps in unveiling the extensive details of a project that we need before manufacturing. Due to missing callouts or potential unseen features, relying solely on a 2D print can lead to oversight or assumptions of critical details; essential for a successful custom metal fabrication project.

Elevating the Quoting Experience with CAD Models

  1. Speed

The presence of a 3D CAD model significantly accelerates the quoting process. With a 3D model at hand, our estimators can generate an accurate quote with ease and without potentially having to go back and forth with additional questions to the customer. In contrast, without a CAD model, we are compelled to manually input data from your 2D print, a process that can extend our quoting time. This minor delay of going back and forth not only affects our efficiency but I’m sure at times, may also impact your project timeline.

  1. Automation

Beyond speed, automation is a key advantage of having a CAD model. Manual data entry is not only time-consuming but also prone to human error. A CAD model enables our state-of-the-art quoting software to seamlessly integrate your part's design details, ensuring accuracy and eliminating the risk of miscalculations.

  1. Quality and Value

Possessing a CAD model allows us to unfold the design, and proceed with the job at hand. Furthermore, a CAD model empowers us to identify and highlight potential issues early, providing an opportunity for design recommendations based on manufacturing processes and optimising your jobs design for efficient fabrication. The result of which is often competitive pricing and a shorter lead time.

The Importance of Your Contribution

If you don't have a CAD file, fear not, we can offer CAD services, and can create a 3D CAD model using your fully dimensioned 2D prints, ensuring that you still benefit from the advantages it will bring to the fabrication process. This process starts with our pre-production team, once your order is confirmed. They will draw and design your parts (if needed) for manufacture.

The Game-Changing Tip

Submitting a 3D CAD model with your RFQ is the game-changer. It ensures a fast, accurate quote. By including a 3D model, you sidestep any potential back and forth queries about your jobs specifications, and preventing any hiccups in production after placing your order. It's a simple tip, but it's the most effective way our customers secure top-quality parts at the best price in the least amount of time.

Secure a Fast, Accurate Quote

Ready to kickstart your custom sheet metal fabrication project? Request a quote via email ( and don't forget to upload your CAD model if you have one! It's the key to unlocking precision, efficiency, and a seamless fabrication process with All Metal Products.

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