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Why You Should Be Using A Turnkey Manufacturer

Turnkey manufacturing is a process where one company oversees all aspects of a product's /project's production from beginning to end. There are many benefits of turnkey manufacturing for both the customer and the supplier including;

  1. COMMUNICATION - By working with a turnkey manufacturing company it eliminates the need to communicate with multiple companies about your products or service. You will no longer need to arrange the communication between multiple suppliers (which we all know can be frustrating!). All communication no matter if it be via phone or email will come from the same company which gives you the opportunity to develop a strong supplier relationship and use your spare time to market or sell the product your having manufactured.

  2. COST EFFECTIVE - A seemingly lower cost is almost guaranteed when integrating all processes under the one manufacturer. This is particularly true when considering how much could be spent when having to arrange freight for your product between multiple suppliers.

  3. TIME IS MONEY - We all know time is money, and by working with a turnkey manufacturing company, you spend less time speaking with and researching different companies who could help with the design, manufacturing or delivery. You can also save a significant amount of time as you no longer need to move products between multiple suppliers or wait for multiple deliveries to arrive at your end.

  4. EXPERTS EVERY STEP OF THE WAY - When designing a product with a turnkey manufacturer you can rest assured that the person you are speaking with is an expert in their field, and are aware of their companies strengths, capabilities and limitations. By working with an expert they can ensure your product is manufactured using the latest and most efficient manufacturing technology. This is the same every step of the way, you will deal with experts in design, powder coating, and dispatch ensuring you receive the best products, for the best price, on time.

  5. PEACE OF MIND - Lastly, you will get peace of mind knowing that your project / product is going to be manufactured within budget, on time and at the highest quality by the one manufacturer. All Metal Products can help with all aspects from design, creating prototypes, manufacturing, powder coating, assembly and delivery, giving you complete peace of mind.

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